Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ladder and Space Monkeys

Today, I had a creative reading session with Nicole (10) and Gabriela (10). Both are students at the Serapis Language Schools - LEARN A LANGUAGE! Expand your world. We warmed up with the "Baking" story (in German!) and explored many different ideas how Hoobsy and Dubsy could find a reasonable way to eat the cookie dough.

Afterwards, we read the "Playing Basketball" story (in German too). Gabriela and Nicole explored many different ideas how the story could end and illustrated them. Let's take a look ...

Gabriela thought that Dubsy is taking a ladder and putting it up for Hoobsy, so he can climb it down and be released from his awkward situation.


Nicole had a different idea. Dubsy calls 911. A fire truck arrives and the fire fighters help Hoobsy to be released from his unpleasant situation. 

Nicole, part 1 

Afterwards, the space monkey would take Hoobsy to the planet Mars where he is by himself. Because he is bored and alone, he calls for help. Luckily, the space monkeys hear Hoobsy and take him back to the planet Earth and to his brother Dubsy - what a happy end.

Nicole, part 2

Thanks so much, Nicole and Gabriela, for your great ideas and for sharing the drawings. It was a pleasure for me to having spent the time with you and your dad.

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